Get Ready To Transform Your Body In Just 21 Days

You’re about to
discover how you will…

  • Eat more delicious food than you ever thought possible.
  • Never feel hungry ever again.
  • Work out in less time than you could have imagined.

All while transforming your physique into the dream body you’ve always wanted.

The Secret To Your Success Is In Working With Your Coach

Everyone knows you get better results with your own personal fitness and diet coach. Let’s face it, there’s a reason all the stars pay big bucks to their trainers… Because it works.

You’ll have your own personal Body Transformation Challenge coach who has been through the program themselves personally. They’ve achieved amazing results, so they know everything you’ll need to succeed.

You’ll have access to your coach via phone, text, email and the Telegram app as well. You can call during their hours or text, email and telegram any time you want, 24/7.

Your coach will keep you on target, motivated and informed on exactly what to do and when to do it.

There’s no guess work, everything’s completely structured into a finely tailored program designed to get you amazing results.

How it Works Step By Step


Take Your Online Wellness Profile

You’ll submit your simple and easy online wellness profile along with your before pictures.

This tracks your changes and shows the level of progress you made through the challenge.

It’s also part of what the judges will use to decide the winners.

Submit your Wellness Profile to begin your journey. Your Coach will contact you to discuss your goals and help you get started!


Select Your Supplements

You’ll now be able to select your Herbalife supplements that you’ll use to dramatically enhance your success in the program.

You’ll be presented with products specifically designed and selected to enhance your Body Challenge experience and most importantly your results.


Get Your Custom-Tailored Workout Plan

Not all workout plans are created equal.

You’ll receive a workout plan designed to get YOU into the best shape of your life.

One of the most amazing things is; most workouts only take 25 to 35 minutes to complete.


Have Your Diet Built For You

Your diet will be perfectly adapted and monitored for your specific needs!

This is the diet that has produced all of our first-place winners and allowed people to achieve such incredible results. The diet system is based on the fact that deprivation doesn’t work long term.

So instead, you’ll be on a diet where you’ll actually eat more great tasting, satisfying and nourishing foods than you may have ever eaten before in your lifetime.

Feeling hungry or deprived is NOT a part of this diet program. Instead, you might be having conversations with your coach asking if you can stop eating so much food.

How Your Contest Is Judged

To win your category, contestants will be judged on their overall ‘wow’ factor.

This means that whoever has transformed themselves the most in their before and after photos will win their category.

The number of spots awarded prizes per category is determined by the number of entrants in that category.

The Categories are: (all categories are separated by Male and Female)

Weight Loss %. Based on the percentage of how much weight you lose.

Best Before & After. Typically participants who are still looking to lose weight and their main goal is body-fat reduction.

Why This Challenge Works So Well

The reasons you’ll see such amazing results with your 21 day body challenge are;

Yes, you’ll get cash and prizes when you win, but just think of how good those bragging rights will feel when you’re showing off your new body you’ve always wanted.